Welcome to Blazin Trails!

Mission Statement: Blazin Trails is an upcoming venture capital firm that will provide support to start-up companies within the medical and recreational cannabis industry, through education and venture capital loans.

Vision Statement: Here at Blazin Trails, we envision a world where equal opportunities are afforded to women and men alike, who aspire to open a medical cannabis business, despite financial challenges. Thereby assisting with growth and expansion of the cannabis market to produce jobs and thus, a booming economy.

At this point, Blazin Trails is a start-up company itself, which means we are looking for and accepting investors. However, we believe in finding a way and thus, will take on the mission of creating quality, cannabis content through freelance writing and investing in MMJ Stocks to raise money for the firm.

Potential Investors, please contact:

Email: blazintrailscapital@gmail.com

Phone: 747.266.0154